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Witches of the Pinspecked Void

a novel by Ran Prieur

Book 2

Tripsie Glade

Embroidering the Earth's mantle by Remedios Varo

Icarus flew too near the sun
Into the blue his red wax did run
It fell to the earth and sealed the scroll
That daredevil angels alone would unfold

-Hawkwind, "The Only Ones"

The skiff drifted into a tripsie glade where grass-dense rush tips ringed a swell of springwater like a crystalline hillock. Ice-white butterflies frolicked and feasted on nectardrops transmuted from the spring's divinity by a squat etherbeast whose walrus outline shimmered in the faelight. Above, down a cavelike shaft in the treecanyons, sunlight was polarized and then transpolarized by a hierarchy of gossamer sungoblins digesting the tension between earth and sky.

Brillix said, "Take off your clothes and dive!"

Darker, weirder, denser, and more complex than book one, book two finds Princess Cataria tempting danger in a transcended prisonworld, astrophysicist Crafton Veer tasting utopia, four adventurers facing the Archaic Eruption, and a fate-tossed spaceship getting an upgrade. There are surprises.

"This safe-for-work spaceporn is unsafe for your headspace."
-The Na-il Elan

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