landblog links

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Permaculture forums
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes, with loads of articles and links.
Simple and Sustainable Living. Many links, photo galleries, books, videos.
Oasis Design has many pages of ecological design information and advice, most of it on water, and some pages that are just ads for books. has detailed articles on several subjects, with especially good ones on rocket mass heaters and chickens.
Possum Living, the complete text of the book by Dolly Freed.
Rancho Costa Nada, Phil Garlington's page about living dirt cheap in the desert.
Online Libraries
Soil And Health Library
Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
Journey to Forever Small Farms Library
Nurseries and Seeds
Raintree is great all around, a little expensive. Get the catalog!
Burnt Ridge has a wider selection and lower prices. Lots of northwest natives.
St. Lawrence Nurseries focuses on cold climates, with 150 apples on Antonovka.
Southmeadow Fruit Gardens has an impressive selection of rare apples, and lots of other stuff.
Plants of the Wild and the University of Idaho Nursery both sell northwest native seedlings for low prices.
Edible Landscaping, good east coast nursery.
Trees of Antiquity heirloom fruit trees.
Apple Search, very rare varieties.
Richters, great source of small plants and herb seeds.
Inside Passage Seeds sells seeds of native plants of coastal Cascadia.
Plant Reference
Plants for a Future database search. Good info on thousands of species.
Edible Landscaping and Gardening. Only a few dozen plants here, but the information is more complete and presented better than on the PFAF site.
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. As of December 2010, this map has not been updated since 1990. They're working on a new version, and meanwhile here's a simple 2006 zone map from the Arbor Day foundation.
AHS Heat Zone Map (damn hard to find!)
Sunset zone maps
Tree and shrub species distribution maps
Identifying that Tree, links to pages about 40 trees.
Popular rootstocks compared for peach/almond, cherry, apple.
my big landblog post on apple varieties
The Cob Builders Handbook, most of the book free online.
Green Home Building, lots of info!
Cob House Journal, a construction photo gallery with descriptions of every step.
Cob house photo gallery
All Things Cordwood
How to build a $100 log cabin.
How to build a geodesic dome out of cardboard
Mike Oehler's underground housing site.
Annualized Geo-Solar -- stored heat from summer lasts until winter!
Wood strength data
Other info
DIY Water Projects, a huge collection of links about rainwater harvesting, greywater, and so on.
GardenWeb forum
The Solar Cooking Archive
Build your own wood-fired all-in-one outdoor masonry oven.
Anagama-West, an extensive site about woodfired pottery kilns.
Ambassador of Fruit, about an Iranian scientist helping Idaho farmers expand into unusual fruits
How to make seedballs
The complete Humanure Handbook online!
Multi Fuel Stoves, various information about wood stoves
Wood stove reviews
Wind Rose Data, detailed charts of wind speed, direction, and frequency for hundreds of locations in the USA
Dark Sky Finder, a Google map overlay showing light pollution in North America
Washington and California wildlife distribution maps
Buy Stuff
Acres USA catalog, "the premier source of books on organic/sustainable farming and eco-living."
Lehman's. Non-electric appliances and tools. Expensive, but some things they carry are not available anywhere else.
Lee Valley Tools, good source of sharpening, woodworking and gardening tools.
Tumbleweed Tiny Houses